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Web3 Normandy (W3N) is a local community bringing together the very best (Normandy finest !) of Web3 enthusiasts hailing from Upper and Lower Normandy.

In fact, everyone is welcome regardless of their region of origin, as long as they are passionate about crypto, enamored with blockchain technologies, decentralization, or even cryptography.

Web3 Normandy, in collaboration with its partner Normandie Bitcoin, hosts several monthly events on various topics:


👉 W3N monthly: You are a builder who wants deepen your knowledge of web3 technologies: blockchain, DAOs, dApps, and explore their use in project relation.


👉 Normandie Bitcoin: You are a cryptocurrency beginner, you want to invest in Bitcoin and learn about various crypto investment options.

About us, mission


Web3 Normandy is both an association, a club, and a DAO - open to all direct or indirect players in the Web3 space in Normandy, in the broadest sense of the term, from enthusiasts to experts.

Its goal is to bring together Web3 enthusiasts, but above all, to develop, support, and promote all local initiatives through its network of national partners.

If your project contributes to the building of this ecosystem, we would be delighted to accompany you and promote your actions within the Normandy community.

So, if you enjoy cider and are familiar with terms like BTC, NFT, DAO, and POAP, you’re in the right place!

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Web3 Normandy, association under the law of 1901

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